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TerraLUX TLM-R16B LED Light Engine recognized by Illumination Engineering Society

13 October 2011

Longmont, Colorado - TerraLUX announces that its TLM-R16B LED light engine, a LED replacement for conventional halogen MR16 bulbs, has been recognized by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Progress Committee as providing "an advancement in the art and science of lighting." The accepted products are part of the 2011 IES Progress Report, which presents significant developments and improvements in the lighting industry over the past year.

The TLM-R16B LED light engine is the only LED replacement for MR16 halogen bulbs that can confidently be used in any MR16 fixture environment, including SEALED landscape fixtures. Thanks to a geometry that allows proper heat sinking with the housing of the fixture coupled with TerraLUX's patented LEDsense® thermal management technology, the TLM-R16B LED engine maximizes light output while assuring long-term lumen maintenance. The LEDsense® enabled and fully integrated LED driver constantly monitors LED temperature and optimizes LED drive current without ever exceeding LED manufacturer's recommendations for reliability and long-term lumen maintenance, per LM-80 data reports. As a result, TerraLUX can claim 60,000 hours with 70% lumen maintenance -- even under unpredictable environmental conditions. That means that the TLM-R16B LED engine will deliver its nominal lumen output (over 400 lumens) over tens of thousands of hours, even in a sealed fixture. No MR-16 LED retrofit bulb currently on the market can reliably be used in these conditions while maintaining long-term lumen maintenance.

Additionally, the Dynamic Transformer Recognition™ technology built into the TLM-R16B module allows it to be compatible with a broad range of 12/24V AC/DC electronic and magnetic transformers, in combination with most available dimmers.
The TLM-R16B module therefore enables fixture manufacturers to easily develop a high performance highly reliable LED retrofit of their existing MR-16 halogen products.

The Progress Report submittals, which consist of new products, applications, research, publications and design tools, are reviewed by the IES Progress Committee, whose mission is to keep in touch with developments in the art and science of lighting throughout the world and prepare a yearly review of achievements for the Society. The committee is made up of industry experts from all different aspects of the lighting industry. Each submittal goes through a judging process and is evaluated for its uniqueness, innovativeness and significance to the lighting industry. Judging is not based on aesthetics, but focuses on and honors technical advancements.

The accepted products will be presented at the IES Annual Conference that will take place in Austin, TX from October 30th until November 1st, 2011.

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